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Air ambient vaporizer

Release time:2019-03-26

Air ambient vaporizer

Air Ambient Vaporizer

Product introduction:

Air Ambient Vaporizer, generally, it is made of finned aluminum tube. When the "cold" liquid gas flows into the vaporizer, the air around the vaporizer generates heat exchange with the cold liquid gas in the finned aluminum tube and the temperature decreases.

As a result of this air flow, new "relatively hot" air flows around the vaporizer to continue the new heat exchange.

This series of vaporizer the heat of air to heat the cryogenic liquid in the heat exchange tube. The fins of the heat exchange tube absorb the heat in the air and transmit it to the cryogenic liquid in the tube, so as to vaporizer  it into gas.

The air temperature vaporizer does not consume electricity or steam. It is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving vaporization equipment without running parts, maintenance and noise. It is widely used in the vaporization of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid LNG and other low-temperature liquids.

Product structure:

The series of vaporizers are tubular, connected by star finned tubes. The unique "bridge" connection improves the vaporization capacity and flexibility of the equipment.

Connection between fins without welding, small internal stress, compact structure, uniform arrangement, beautiful and durable.

Technical Parameter:

Suitable media: LNG, NG, CNG, LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2, NH3, LPG, etc.

Working pressure: 0.1-40mpa;

Single vaporization capacity: 20-10000nm cubed /h, and then the large size is not easy to transport, please choose multiple combined type;

Equipment classification: vaporizer, heater, supercharger, etc.

Materials and technology:

All parts are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel with excellent anti-corrosion performance. The stainless steel core tube is closely connected with the fin under high pressure.

Before leaving the factory, all according to the oxygen standard to carry on the nitrogen blow-dry, guarantees the product quality, it’s safer to use.


High heat transfer coefficient, good strength and stretching performance of aluminum large fin heat transfer tube, defrosting speed, heat transfer efficiency, low self weight.

The overall equipment using aluminum "bridge" type connection, beautiful and generous, firm and durable, effectively eliminate the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

To optimize the design, and combined with practical experience, design to meet the requirements of vaporization, cost savings, reduce pressure drop, no bias flow vaporizer.

Simple and compact equipment, and fast installation, easy maintenance, simple operation.

Equipment without moving parts, no easy to damage easy consumable parts, the use of no energy, no operating costs, environmental protection.

Heat exchange tube surface oxidation treatment, long service cycle, once put into use for life.

There are a variety of heat exchange pipe specifications for choice, according to the requirements of the design size, reduce the floor area, save the site.

The advanced high pressure tube compound technology, causes the compression tube and the heat exchange tube 100% contact, guarantees the heat exchange effect.

All parts of the equipment according to oxygen service standards for cleaning and manufacturing, use more safe.



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Contact: Mr. Rex Wong

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