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Oxygen, nitrogen, argon storage tank

Release time:2019-03-26

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon storage tank

Oxygen nitrogen argon storage tank

Introduction to performance parameters:

Cryogenic vacuum storage tank for double cylinder structure, inner tube and pipe made of stainless steel S30408 shell made of alloy steel Q245R (carbon dioxide for 16 MNDR inner pressure vessel materials manufacturing, shell made of alloy steel Q345R), sandwich filled with expanded perlite (also known as pearl sand) at the same time set up through special processing of adsorbent, and smoke into high vacuum (0.5 ~ 6 pa), below the capacity of 200 m3. The working pressure is high (the working pressure of two tanks at the bottom of ladle blowing argon in workshop 4 is 2.0mpa), and there is a gasifier outside the tank, which can not only boost the pressure inside the tank for filling the car, but also directly send out the pressure gas. According to the use can be divided into two types of fixed and transport, fixed mainly for cryogenic liquid storage, it is installed in the production of cryogenic liquid, use point or supply station; Transportation means to transport cryogenic liquid from the place of production or supply station to the point of use, usually by land or by water. They are called tanker, trailer and tank ship respectively.

Cryogenic tanks commonly used structure: vertical tanks, horizontal tanks.

We specialize in vacuum insulated liquid storage tanks

Adiabatic method: powder adiabatic

Working pressure: 0.2-3.0mpa

Effective volume: 5m3-200m3

The design temperature: - 196 ° C - 50 ° C

Filling rate: 95%

Application Scenarios:

Mainly used in chemical industry, iron and steel, steel processing, machinery manufacturing, non-ferrous metal smelting, metal structure, hospital, gas filling station, can also be directly filled with cryogenic liquid bottles, can also be gasified pressure filling room temperature high-pressure gas bottles, or the establishment of centralized gas supply station.

Practical customer applications: 1. Service station

2. Oxygen cylinder filling and loading station;

3. Oxygen stations for hospitals;

4. Fish tank;

5. Steel mill;

6. Nitrogen is used to clean pipes;

7. Carbonated beverage industry;

8. Centralized gas supply to the community

Products Process:

Step1. Get the volume and blueprint

Step2. Prepare and cut materials

Step3. Rolling steel plant

Step4. Welding Rolled Steel Plate

Step5. Assemble the Storage Tank

Step6. Fill heat insulation material between the Inner vessel and the outer vessel

Step7.Vacuumizing the storage tank

Step8.RT&MT inspection and X-ray inspection

Step9.Remove Rust Off The Storage Tank

Step10.Install Various Valves 


1. Adiabatic performance:

Thermal insulation material selection of pearlite sand filling sandwich and vacuum, superb technology, unique filling process, quality assurance commitment, to achieve the best adiabatic effect. The surface anti-corrosion coating adopts sand blasting, rust removal, purging, spraying and other processes, and at the same time adopts two-component quick curing liquid coating.

2. Safety technical performance:

The storage tank adopts "combination and safety system valve", which USES two groups of safety valves to work at the same time. One side can be closed when the safety valve is regularly checked, and the other side can continue to work to ensure the safe operation of the storage tank.

3. Operating system:

Pressure gauge, differential pressure type liquid level meter and liquid level comparison table are set on the upper part of the container in the storage tank, which can keep track of the storage amount and pressure change of the container at any time, and facilitate the operation during filling and discharging.

4. Detection system:

Special vacuum detection, vacuum gauge and vacuum valve are set at the lower part of the storage tank, which can test the interlayer vacuum degree regularly or at any time with a vacuum meter to ensure the safe operation of the storage tank.

Technical Parameter:




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